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1.8 MW Community Solar Project Welcomes the U.S. Department of Energy For On-Site Tour

April 21, 2023 - Washington, DC

In celebration of Earth Day members of SunLight, Urban Ingenuity, and the National Housing Trust toured the site of their newly developed 1.8 MW community solar project in Washington, DC. The project team welcomed representatives from the U.S. Department of Energy, the White House's Climate Policy Office, and the Environmental Protection Agency to tour the facility and commemorate the launch of a multitude of initiatives that will combat climate change and promote equitable access to renewable energy.

The 1.8 MW system is one of the largest solar installations in Washington, DC. The project is comprised of approximately 4,000 solar modules and will produce an estimated 2.5 million kWh per year. The generation will be distributed to about 500 local households and reduce income-qualified recipients’ electricity expenses by up to 50% in an aggregate of $5 million.

Unique to the project is its design, which uses the land above an 18-acre operational reservoir for installation. This type of innovation is increasingly impactful to community solar development, especially in urban environments, where access to renewable energy is often limited to single-family homes. Through the Brentwood Reservoir project, local renters and residents of multi-family buildings will be able to transition to clean energy procurement.

SunLight looks forward to the project achieving permission to operate in Q3 2023!

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