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CFO Stacey Hughes Discusses Large-Scale Development at the New York Energy Summit

April 5, 2023 - Albany, NY

On Wednesday, April 5th SunLight General Capital's chief financial officer attended the New York Energy Summit in Albany, New York to participate in a panel discussion about onshore large-scale renewable energy development. The conference welcomed policymakers, developers, and financiers to discuss New York's Clean Energy Standards (CES) and how federal legislation and state programs are shaping the energy industry.

Hughes spoke about the financing of clean energy projects among other onshore large-scale renewable energy developers. The panelists responded to questions about the impact of federal legislation on cost assumptions, economic viability, and financing decisions. As SunLight expands its portfolio in New York we celebrate the opportunity to collaborate with other developers in the industry and learn about the role of solar in achieving the state's clean energy goals.

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