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Developing Community Solar Project at Paddington Square Apartments

August 17, 2021 - Silver Springs, MD

In collaboration with the Montgomery County Green Bank, Groundswell, SunCatch Energy, Pepco, and other local partners, SunLight General helped bring Montgomery County’s first community solar project to the Paddington Square Apartments in Silver Spring, Maryland.

The Paddington development is a 273-kilowatt rooftop installation, serving 91 households and removing 235 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions by replacing fossil fuels. The Paddington project will enable low- and moderate-income residents to access thebenefits of clean energy and savings. With the support of investments from SunLight General, low-income residents can expect energy savings of about $500 annually.

Equitable solar energy is available to all Pepco Maryland customers by subscribing to the Paddington Square community solar development. With the installation complete in a few months, SunLight General aims to take on further community solar projects and continue to increase access to affordable, renewable energy.

Chief Financial Officer Stacey Hughes commented, "This mid-size solar project is representative of the substantial opportunity across the roofs of American companies, organizations, and apartment buildings. Not only will it generate clean, renewable energy for decades, but in addition, this project directly supports its neighboring community."

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