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Solar at Local Housing Complex Benefits Low-Income (LMI) Residents

July 7, 2022 - Silver Spring, MD

This summer SunLight celebrated the completion of another community solar project in Silver Spring, Maryland. The project is on the roof of a multi-family housing complex known as the Paddington Square Apartments. The 365-megawatt hours produced annually by the system will serve approximately 91 households.

The Paddington Square project is among those in SunLight’s portfolio that provides electricity to low and moderate-income residents. Of the 91 households receiving power from the system, 28 income-qualified recipients will see a 50% reduction in electricity costs. Participation in the project will save each of these households a $400-$500 per year. These figures represent an aggregate of $310,000 in savings for low-income households over the span of 20 years.

SunLight General Capital developed the project in partnership with Groundswell, a local nonprofit that promotes equitable access to community solar programs. The project was also supported and partially financed by Montgomery County Green Bank, a publicly-chartered corporation that supports clean energy ventures in the area.

The arrays are projected to save 257 metric tons of Co2 emissions throughout the duration of the system's life, making the project’s impact on greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to the planting of 11,816 trees. SunLight looks forward to replicating the environmental and social advancements made possible by the Paddington Square project through the expansion of community solar.

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