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SunLight CFO Speaks at Montgomery County Green Bank's Solar Development Panel

April 28, 2022 - Montgomery County, MD

SunLight General's CFO Stacey Hughes spoke amongst a panel of other solar developers on Thursday as part of an event led by the Montgomery County Green Bank (MCGB). The MGCB was established in 2015 to help accelerate energy efficiency and renewable energy investment in Montgomery County, Maryland.

The panel was held as an informational session for those in Montgomery County who were interested in learning more about working with solar developers, especially those like SunLight who have completed solar projects in Maryland. Additionally, the MCGB opened up the session for input from local solar installers who wished to ask questions and make comments on what products and offers they would like to see from the developers on the panel.

SunLight expects to see other jurisdictions across the country establish organizations like the MCGB to drive sustainable investments, and we are excited to be there to support green development along the way.

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