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Today, after payroll, rising utility costs are often the largest expense for many businesses. Through Solar Power Purchase Agreements, we help these businesses monetize unused roof or ground space by constructing a state-of-the-art solar photovoltaic array at no upfront cost to the business. While most of our competitors focus on large-scale projects, we work with businesses of all sizes and in many industries (retail, manufacturing, storage, logistics, etc.). In operating these projects, we reduce companies’ electricity costs for many years to come, allowing them to focus their time and capital on their core business. In addition, solar gives businesses the opportunity to showcase their commitments to environmental stewardship to their customers, employees, and communities. If your available roofs or grounds are at least 20,000 square feet, we have a Solar PPA solution for you. If you do not have enough electricity usage to purchase the totality of the solar production your site can host, we can explore many other options, including Community Solar, leasing your premises for virtual or remote net metering, and more.

See our C&I Case Studies below for examples of how our Solar PPA can benefit your organization


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