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SunLight Develops Community Solar Project in Chicago Heights

September 26, 2021 - Chicago Heights, IL

With support from the Illinois Solar for All (ILSFA) program as well as partners Groundswell and Supreme Solutions, SunLight General developed a 663 kW community solar project in Chicago Heights, IL. This community solar project serves low-income residents, providing them access to clean energy and savings on their electric bills.

Community partner Bishop Kenneth Franklin of Christ for Everyone Ministries helped bring the project to fruition by enabling us to use church property as the host site for the solar facility. The solar energy produced at the church site provides affordable energy to about 72-108 low-income households in the surrounding community and reduces the carbon emission equivalent of a car driving 1,933,151 miles each year. As an additional benefit, this project advances the City of Chicago Heights' development goals by adding productive value to previously vacant land.

SunLight General is proud to support low-income communities by providing clean, affordable solar energy. We look forward to developing additional community solar projects like this in the future.

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